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July 20, 2011

Review: Downy’s Newest Laundry Product

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One sunny afternoon, I checked my mail and found an oddly-shaped box. It contained an unexpected fun thing. Downy’s new laundry product Unstopables in-wash scent booster.

I opened the container and said to Chris, “This is exactly how I want my laundry to smell.”

He rolled his eyes.

“I’m serious!” I said. “I can’t wait to try it.”

I have nasty well-drilled-too-shallow tap water that smells horrible. In order to combat that, I had just treated my well a few days before. I was excited to try something that might help with both smells.

The carton was very appealing and the little dissolving beads are fun.

The first load of laundry I put it in was just about perfect. I used just a sprinkling of the beads. It didn’t smell like much when I put the wet laundry in the dryer, but the clothes came out lightly scented and have stayed fresh in the 3 weeks since.

The second load I ran, I filled the little cup up to the first line. While I did run a full load, it turned out heavy and too strong, almost mildewy. Through a bit of trial and error, I figured out how much product to use in the various sizes of laundry loads I run. I’m enjoying it now, and am quite pleased with how long one container is lasting when I use just the sprinkling necessary for the best results. Clothing does remain freshly scented even weeks later after being stored in the dresser or closet. It does what it claims to do. I wish it was a fabric softener though. I don’t typically use softener in the wash, but if I did, I’d be adding three products to each load (softener, detergent, and unstopables). That seems like a lot, especially if the softener had its own scent.

All in all, it is a product worth trying out if you like the particular scent. It is a very nice clean-laundry sort of smell. Just make sure you don’t use too much; it’s easy to overdo the sprinkles. They’re fun.


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